About Us

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About us

 Fhe` International LLC is a domestic Beauty product manufacture and organic products developer all our product are designed processed manufactured and bottled in the US taking advantage of the American quality process and technology available, also we are proud of our lead cosmetic designer expert Omar Fayez with his 25 years of Professional award winning carrier as hair stylist cosmetic expert and International Art Director.

Omar As an Artist, when it comes to hair, his hands test each formula until it exceeds expectations both for him and the industry. His forward-thinking educational programs are designed to deliver innovative ideas and methods to Stylists and Salons worldwide. His creative vision can be seen in every aspect of Fomar Argan Silk, from extensive product development to the finished collection and beyond…. He has been working all over the world as pioneer on the beauty business to develop new ways and products to meet the aspirations of women and men with high-taste of glamour. His art is universal to offer everyone all over the world the best of Beauty product in terms of quality efficacy and safety, especially to give most customers access to high-end organic beauty products in harmony with nature. What’s good for your body is good for your glamour.




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